E-Cell Summit 2015

The E-Cell Summit is an annual conference conducted by Entrepreneur Cell of IIT-B with earlier talks featuring well known personalities and industry stalwarts including Mahesh Murthy, Nandan Nilekani.

This is my personal experience at the E-Cell Summit with some of my friends.

The first talk that I attended was from Jeff Bullas on Topic

3 insights in the powers of social media

Jeff Bulas

The talk was pretty good about how easy it is to start a blog, and how powerful this new medium has become.
You have got to listen to this guy about 203K tweets, 295K followers, thats pretty impressive numbers.
The main learnings from the talk were

  1. To build a following you need to post something daily
  2. Don’t underestimate the powers of email marketing, start building an email list early
  3. Facebook and Twitter should not be the only thing in your social media arsenal
  4. If you have an inkling to start a blog, just write it
  5. Free marketing is still the best thing to have

The Next workshop that I had attended was

Lateral Thinking Workshop

This was an excellent workshop conducted by Paul Sloane it was all about lateral thinking.
Some key learnings from the workshop were

  1. To solve any problem is to understand the problem in more detail
  2. Why, Why, Why -> Understand the root cause of any problem as fast as possible
  3. The Six Serving Men -> What, Why, Whom, How, Where
  4. Approach the problem from different perspective from different angles
  5. Frame the question in as many different ways as possible

The biggest event for E-cell Summit was the

Mobile Space

where Alan Mamedi, Founder of TrueCaller, Kavin Mittal, Founder and CEO of Hike Messenger, Satyan Gajwani, CEO of Times Internet, Kunal Shah, Founder Freecharge.in conducted by Ajeet Khurana, CEO of Sine

Some interesting learnings from this panel discussion

  1. People look at their phones more than 50 times a day, more than they look at their wives
  2. About 40% people sleep with their smartphone near them and 30% take their smartphones to their bathroom
  3. In the next 2 years, there will be 100 million new people on the internet via their smartphones, How are they going to use it
  4. Hike sends 10 Billion messages a month
  5. Hike has 25 Million Active users
  6. The current market in India is immature and nascent, theres lot of space for specialized services and deliveries catered to an Indian audience
  7. Truecaller first started in Lebanon for all the wrong reasons
  8. You can actually unlist yourself at Truecaller(Can’t find it on the website)
  9. Around 15% of the audience had not installed Truecaller because of privacy concerns
  10. Its still unknown from where Truecaller got the initial data to get it off the ground and what is currently its business model
  11. Truecaller hits about 2 Billion searches a month
  12. Internet mobile is currently at a stage where Internet was in the year 2002
  13. “What we love in India is free” -> Kunal Shah
  14. Last year January 2014, 91% of Freecharges came from Web, this year January 2015, 92% of Freecharges came from mobile
  15. “90% of users dont care about features, they care about needs” -> Satyan Gajwani, stating the example of CricBuzz
  16. People need incentive to give something back
  17. Its all about getting one use case really really right
  18. If you can crack the diversity in India, you can crack the market
  19. Currently there are 900 million activated SIM cards in India
  20. Majority of the market is still in the experimental stage

Second Day

Product vs Service

This was a panel discussion regarding the product vs services. Rohan Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink India, Harsha Kumar AVP of Ola Cabs.
Some interesting learnings
Olacabs might be running about 50,000 cabs all over India.
The interesting story over here is from Rohan Shravan about how hard it is to start a hardware firm in India, raising funds etc

10 Minute Million

Another interesting event that I attended was the 10 Minute Million where about 6 teams out of 8 teams landed funding.
The panel who carried out the funding included impressive personalities like Ajay Pandey, Member of Tata Board Members, Bharat Banka, Senior President of Aditya Birla Group, Ravi Gururaj, Chairman, NASSCOM Product Council.
The interesting thing was there were many people from the audience who were investors who attended this event with zeal.
You can browse the list over here

Some interesting startups:-

Faaya: Online High-End Tailoring solution.
500+ customers in 6 countries. This startup got the highest (63 lakh funding).
Some cool ideas:-
You can preorder 20 fabrics for Rs 150 and if you place any order you get those refunded.
They have partnered with local gyms in Delhi to take your measurements
For alterations they have partnered with local tailors, or you can send them the bill to reimburse you back.
For a 1600 bucks Kurta it costs them 650 bucks to make it, amazing !
The founder is from a tailoring and textile background, so he knows the ins and outs of every aspect of the business.

Dealwithus: They have a simple business model, almost all major ecommerce websites have got affiliate marketing solutions. So they get the customer to buy using their affiliate and then refund 30% of it as cashback.
This was the first presentation made entirely in Hindi!

A package of highly nutritious food at your doorstep or Rs 699 every month.
A unique proposition considering the diversity of the Indian Market and its different tastes.
Will be interesting to watch its outcome.

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