The Front-End Tab

During your normal debugging and designing applications, what do you require the most ?

How about designing a an extension for chrome that will automatically load all your favourite tools on your new tab page.This is what I have done this weekend.

Currently It has got the following tools :
Checkout the demo here

  1. JS Beautifier
  2. Html Beautifier
  3. CSS Beautifier
  4. JSON Lint
  5. Url Encoder
  6. Url decoder
  7. JShint

Update: version 0.2

  1. Added CodeMirror for syntax highlighting
  2. Remove Whitespace from json and normal text
  3. Html Renderer
  4. Markdown Renderer

Update: version 0.3

  1. Express-js App for running.
  2. Mongodb for storing the pastebins.
  3. html5 pushState while saving
  4. html5 localstorage for saving previous pastebins
  5. Added Grunt Workflow

Update version 0.4

  1. Changed to a better design with congruent background and logo
  2. Added Favicons
  3. Added Nanobar for showing progress

Update 18th Oct 2014

  1. All button sizes should be same
  2. Reset button should be up
  3. Should be viewable on mobile.Made it responsive
  4. Added basic description on clicking on logo
  5. Fixed a bug in JSONLint
  6. Fix Scroll issue in Codemirror caused by overflow:scroll

Check out the demo !
Don’t forget to fork it on github and submit pull requests and issues.

Its open sourced under MIT License.

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