Why a CSS Kit made $500K in 3 days!

And that too the early access version!

Everyone must have used a template in their professional careers- may be for creating a deck, a video, or a website. Companies have their own standard decks which serve as a great starting point for any newcomer. Software Developers use all kinds of starting programming starting points – Ruby on Rails, Laravel, WordPress, ASP.NET, no project these days starts from scratch. Why? To save time and resources, it’s better to build on top of other’s work which will get you to Launch Day faster.

Tailwind CSS is an open-source framework to build apps and websites faster currently being used by close to 50,000 for developers at last count. (Bootstrap counts 1.6M users). You only need to view the gif below to understand what it does and how massively useful it is for everyone.

from Tailwind CSS website

Its creator Adam Wathan has been working on the project for free since the past 3 years to make it more and more useful for all developers and decided to create two modules for UI components, pre-existing code for the most common elements costing $149 for a module and $249 for both modules. It was a massive success post-launch with Adam Wathan netting $500K within a short span of 3 days. But beyond the headlines, it took him 3 years of hard work to reach there. Why were people ready to pay for something even if it was not fully finished yet? Just due to the massive promise it holds to save their time at a later date which is more important than the $250 being asked for. (Avg Rate – $35/hour, even if it saves them 7 hours – its worth it). I’m sure that lifetime savings would be far far greater than that

What interested me the most was the demand for templates and UI kits across. Consider Avada Theme, since its inception it has grossed close to $35M in revenue so far for the past 8 years with close to 600K sales. This is not the theme or UI Kit, there are hundreds of others making millions annually from Codecanyon.net. Even Mitron App, the supposedly Made in India app by IIT student, has been brought for just $34 from Codecanyon. Consider Grocery App, any restaurant can get the entire source code for restaurant delivery app for $60 with iOS App, Andriod App, payments, signups, Google Maps, Dashboard built on. How much? $80. You only just need to look for it. Want to build a light custom app for video meetings, chat, note-taking, music players? – you will find the entire source code which you use legally for under $100.

It might be the reason why now you have thousands of apps available on the App Store. You can launch any app you wish for $100 and 1 week of development time. 🙂 You can even launch your own coronavirus tracker website and app for $20 now.

Coming back to Tailwind UI. It’s not the only kit available on the market, there are hundreds of other templates for which puts on the fast-track to develop great looking apps and websites in no time!

The low-code and no-code movement will be adopted by developers first and then by marketers.

Codecanyon screenshot

The market size for these remains very hard to quantify because of the range of items available to purchase. Some consider it on a range of $10B to $20B but others peg it below $1B. Envato (Company behind Codecanyon) is on track to do $1B in revenue annually from its digital creators with strong growth.

If you are an entrepreneur, you don’t really need to code an app or website to launch something. Just buy something from the sheer number of plugins, themes, kits, scripts, solutions, templates available on the market. Not considering the sheer number of builders and SaaS services out there, the differentiator has now shifted more from coding to selling your service better. Let me know what you think in the comments below

Side Note: During my time as a front-end developer, it is always much cheaper to buy than build. Investing in a theme or starter kit if will save you countless hours later on. Still a golden time to be a creator.

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